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Is "the beast" a fox? ::

Random bits on Fox News...

Here are some less serious observations: With which blunt instrument do you suppose Roger Ailes wants to hit [Bill O’Reilly]? To claim, on tape, that Fox News has influence going to the very top of the country and can wipe out anybody, is dangerous, dangerous stuff, suggestive of delusions of grandeur. Delusions of grandeur are bad things in news organizations. Ask Dan Rather. Ask The New York Times.

The Falafel Factor (Keith Olbermann)

On my trip back East in August, I did a fair amount of driving on the New York State Thruway. I stopped at least four rest stops. In all of them, televisions had invaded the dining areas. All of the televisions were tuned to Fox News. I’d never actually watched it before (I watch very little TV). I watched in morbid fascination, wondering how this had come to pass (thinking about it now, the governor is a Republican, Pataki).

On other news channels, the end of the repeating headline crawl across the bottom is usually the weather in major cities. At the first rest stop I noticed, on Fox, it was the current national terror alert level. I found this especially ironic—the day’s top news was Hurricane Charlie.

At the last rest stop, a New York African-American congressman was getting badgered by the host, asked tough questions, interrupted, ridiculed. He looked angry. A smarmy California Republican was next. He took 30 seconds to suck up to Fox and tell them how great they were for giving him the chance to so often present his views. I wonder what would happen if the Democratic Party encouraged Democrats never to appear on Fox, and they didn’t. Would Fox still go calling itself “fair and balanced?” Probably.

For the first time in my life I seriously considered committing an act of vandalism. If I’d had a pair of wire cutters, I might have snipped the TV’s cable connection.

I know only a few tidbits of numerology, but today I found myself wondering, what letters of the English alphabet are 6's?

F = 6
O = 15 = 6
X = 24 = 6

So is FOX 666?

Sat, 16 Oct 2004, 5:42 PM PDT
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  1. As you may know, Jews had no numerals in ancient times, so they used letters as numbers. Eventually someone thought of counting the numbers of words and names. The practice got little use in scripture, but a well-known example is in the New Testament book of Revelation, a highly symbolic text which the author presents as a record of a prophetic vision.

    I’ve adapted the ancient Hebrew number-letters to our alphabet:

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

    a b c d e F g h i X1

    j k l m n O p q r X10

    s t u v w X y z  X100

    As you can see, F+O+X=6+60+600=666.

    – d nova, Thursday, 21 October 2004, 4:52 PM PDT

  2. In the ancient Hebrew, the name george walker bush aslo adds up to 666.

    – Mary, Thursday, 11 November 2004, 4:33 PM PST

  3. I came across 666 & FOX & realize there may be multiple reasons to do with the Apocaplypse...The Anti-Christ will have the attributes of a fox...cunning, stealth, camouflage, also There may be something to do in the constellation “Volpine”(Latin for fox) in the Southern Hemisphere at a certain time,& 666 could be the Eternal fraction that tips the scales (.666=2/3rds)of evil in the World. It’s funny, I also equated FOX news to the Beast a couple of years ago. P.S. FOXY=.6667

    – Stan C., Friday, 12 November 2004, 8:14 PM PST

  4. “I AM H.E.”


      ABC DEF GH"I"=M.E=Military Enlistie5/43-17'08


      JKL MNO “PQR"=Physically Qualified Recruit


      STU VWX Y"Z#(3) 7-1-42:File 7117


    – 738-115-F656, Thursday, 21 April 2005, 6:51 AM PDT

  5. I too came up with FOX =666 but by a different means than what you used. I hesitate to jump to conclusions though. The fox is sly and cunning, thus the Beast would use that to fool people. You might find my page “Spirit” interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Ms. Bobi Neher, Saturday, 21 May 2005, 10:18 PM PDT

  6. FOX is a beast, a man’s name, and is equal to 666. Now use the letters to make symbols and tell me what you find. When you find the fox email me. Brad

    P.S. You may want to sit down because if you don’t go into immediate denial when you find it you are going to be blown away. Hint: there are three different symbols one new two old. Happy hunting. P.P.S. I wrote a song about it and it will be on my website... Check it out.

    Bradford Jordan, Tuesday, 21 June 2005, 11:34 AM PDT

  7. 6 = f

    1+5= 6 1+5=15 = o

    2+4 =6 2+4=24=x

    fox muldy

    fox tv

    fox and sons

    – paul, Monday, 16 January 2006, 10:17 PM PST

  8. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    6663 the mark of the beast, sure I have heard of it before but now I was being challenged, to solve the conundrum of the ages. Count the number of the Beast; what does that mean? It was a riddle, the like of which Samson gave to his thirty companions (out of the eater came forth meat) I tried every conceivable combination of letters, in place of numbers that would add up to 666 until I exhausted every possibility, then finally there it was! So simple, and yet obscure. I was convinced I had found the right answer. It fit so well with all the other symbolism in Revelation, as well as possessing many of the characteristics of Satan. A beast filled with cunning, sly, devious by nature,A FOX! That’s it! That’s the answer to the riddle of Rev. 13:18. I was convinced, and the further I delved into it, the more I became confident that I had indeed come up with the right answer.

    A fox! The natural enemy of the lamb, portrayed as most devious of all Gods creatures, renowned in fable and folklore alike by such authors as Harris, The Brothers Grimm and, Aesop, to name but a few. Always the same cunning, devious, sly fox, outwitting the other characters of their possessions,The system I used to decipher the riddle was actually quite simple. I substituted letters of the alphabet for each digit, for the first digit I used the letter F, it being the sixth letter of our alphabet. For the second digit I substituted the letter O, it being the 15Th letter of the alphabet. (I added the two digits to equal 6) for the third digit I substituted the letter X, the 24'Th letter of the alphabet.

    There you have it, F-O-X. The answer to the conundrum of the ages, so obvious yet so profound. At the time (Nov. 1977) I had never heard any other attempt to answer to this riddle, yet now, nearly 30 years later I have come to realize that it is one of the most speculated of all scripture verses.Upon further research I was amazed to discover that in ancient Greece their numerical system was directly connected to their alphabetic system in the following way.

    Their letter A (or alpha) had a numerical value of 1. B (or beta) had a value of 2 and so on until you reach the letter K (or kappa) which occupied the 11 ‘Th place in their alphabet, this letter had a value of 20, L (or lambda) had a value of 30 and so on until you reach the letter I (or sigma)

    which had a value of 200 and so on until you reach ^ (or sampi) the 27'Th letter of their numerical alphabet which had a value of 900.

    I had unknowingly used the very system used by the ancient Greeks! And looking once more at Rev. 13:18 we see another amazing fact. Strong’s concordance shows that the numbers 666 was written using three letters of the Greek alphabet chi, xi, and stigma. It would have looked

    something like this X <&#163;F two of the same characters! The F, and the X, are used to ask the question, and if one uses the same system of assigning numerical value according to aphlabetitcal position the letters F, O, and X would have a numerical value of 6, 60, and 600 respectively.

    Steve Thomas, Wednesday, 27 December 2006, 9:32 AM PST

  9. Hello!

    Sorry for my English, he’s very bad; I have found 666 today for the fox, and I’m happy to know that everybody ever knows lol, if you have some informations, I can have some informations too,I let my e-mail on the title!


    – delphine, Tuesday, 22 May 2007, 10:30 AM PDT

  10. If you want to really understand all this,

    read our book. You will never get anywhere by stealing bits and pieces.

    MM Media, Monday, 25 June 2007, 5:27 AM PDT

  11. This was for Stan C., Steve Thomas, etc.

    It’s not clever trying to use blogs to ‘backdoor’ the author’s content, trying to take credit for what you didn’t create. It won’t work. All our content is on file and under copyright. It’s obvious you don’t have all the message, so don’t try to rip us off.

    Please understand, there is always a price.

    MM Media, Monday, 25 June 2007, 9:25 AM PDT

  12. what authority is this mmmedia? can we buy ur book on amazon? why are u claiming stan and steve are ripping ur content? their view is just as valuable as urs. how do u know they stole ur ideas? this 666 fox thing is not exactly rocket science and not impossible to figure on one’s own...

    – john q, Saturday, 7 July 2007, 2:07 PM PDT

  13. It’s called copyright law.

    I would love to debate further.

    This may not be appropriate place “John Q.”

    MM MEDIA, Sunday, 8 July 2007, 4:42 AM PDT

  14. FYI:

    Just because content is readily available, and often spread around in multiple means on the NET, doesn’t give you license for a “free for all.”

    You know what you do, and believe you me, no matter how “slick” you think you are, eventually, it WILL catch up to you. Please RESPECT. Follow the “Golden RULE”.

    It’s “universal.”

    MM MEDIA, Sunday, 8 July 2007, 5:06 AM PDT

  15. mm media,

    i agree with u. i have no intention of copying from u. i think it’s great that someone does organized studies here. i was just wondering because to me it seems that the numerology part is very old. the interpretation, well, that depends on the person. but to me it seems like steve and stan have not come up with anything too in-depth. so if u have been doing hardcore research, their musings should not be a threat. good luck with ur book.

    – john q, Monday, 9 July 2007, 12:13 AM PDT

  16. For what it’s worth “Doug” :

    You most of all need to take heed of this.

    MM MEDIA, Monday, 20 August 2007, 6:28 AM PDT

  17. This was such a nice thread to read until I got down to MM Media’s posts...  Why are you so worried about others dispersing information whether you published it in a book or not?  p.s. Your website is tacky, hard to read to the point where you can’t figure anything out about your organization, and riddled with sigh pictures protected by copyright.  Hyyyyyyp-o-crrrritttte. . .

    – Ken, Wednesday, 22 August 2007, 1:02 PM PDT

  18. I emailed MM Media privately last week, said that they had my attention, and asked them what they’d like me to do. I have not yet received a reply.

    When someone quotes what may be copyrighted material, briefly as above, with a response from the purported owner that it  “obvious that someone doesn’t have all the message”, that looks like fair use to me. My reaction as a potentially interested reader is that perhaps I will go find the book being quoted here.

    Or maybe not; MM Media isn’t behaving in what I would describe as a most professional and courteous manner.

    Doug Wyatt, Monday, 27 August 2007, 10:58 AM PDT

  19. DEAR DOUG,

    We feel we have made our point.

    PS: “KEN”

    our site is just as needs be for now.

    Pleasing you is not our intent.

    Consider people in glass houses: re. YOUR SITE

    MM MEDIA, Wednesday, 29 August 2007, 5:15 AM PDT

  20. Ken in IOWA:

    Why are you meddling?

    Our images are locked up literally!

    Shame on you Doug.

    MM MEDIA CA, Wednesday, 29 August 2007, 6:39 AM PDT

  21. MM: First you tell me you have made your point, then you say shame on me. For what? If you think my original post violates your copyright, that’s clearly not true. I use only my own words. Ideas are not copyrightable.

    If you are asserting that a comment above violates your copyright, please, just say so, and describe why such a small excerpt from your copyrighted work is not fair use. If you convince me that it goes beyond fair use, I will remove the comment. If you convince me that it is  an unattributed quote, I will edit the comment to include an attribution.

    Doug Wyatt, Wednesday, 29 August 2007, 8:12 AM PDT

  22. Greetings from China! I too enjoyed this thread until I saw the ranting of MM Media. I have to agree with Doug and Ken. What’s MMMEdia’s problem? It’s website surely looks tacky, and no matter how much MM Media says that it’s not designed to please Ken, it doesn’t seem to be directed at anyone. Who is it meant to please? Who can find information from that site. My little sister made better websites at the age of 12 back in 1996. Has anyone read “THE BOOK” they offer? And what specifically is so unique about Mm Media’s ideas? I think their copyright talk is useless. I wish MM Media would clarify all these points

    – Cheng, Friday, 21 September 2007, 2:52 PM PDT

  23. A Jackal is an African breed of Fox (or one could say that a fox is a European breed of Jackal). Didn’t the Sybil say that the Antichrist would be born of a Jackal? LOL

    20.1.900.9.20, Sunday, 2 December 2007, 5:28 AM PST

  24. ATTN: &#8211; MM MEDIA

    The information you have is not yours to copyright. It was all written in the greek text called the bible and they used their own numbering system. So what have you to copyright? You are stealing all your info from the greeks and all the people before you. The info is not new but has been hidden over time by the evil men who run the world. You are doing nothing to help people with salvation only doing something to fatten your wallet.


    I will not judge you by your words but by your fruits and your fruits are rotten.

    Anything that is against Christ and Gods will = ANTICHRIST

    So when this thread was started, it was to help people know where to start looking for the answers. And by you adding your bogus comments and trying to turn people from the truth you became ANTICHRIST. Do you get it, your greed of money is the root of your evil.

    FOX = 666

    ABC = American ( AMERIKAN )brodcasting Co.

    CBS = Columbia broadcasting network ( look up columbia &  see who she is )

    NBC = Nuclear + Biological + Chemical ( the bird is the phoenix )

    Satan is the prince of the powers in the air ( radio waves )

    And your name is MM MEDIA ( STOLEN )MM = 2000 MEDIA = ANTICHRIST = you are being driven by 2000 devils

    And your website is very very sad and I bet the book is just as sad. If the book was any good, you would be less worried about this thread and more worried about shipping your book getting reprints of your book getting it on QVC or the OPRAH book club HA HA HA

    The only copy you will sell is the one your momma buys !

    So next time someone starts a thread don’t come in trying to claim you money rights you pawn of satan. When you go to judgement do you really think God will care about how much money you have.

    Your book is not selling because you can’t write you can’t promote and you just don’t know what you are doing.

    So if it is money you want I say find a way to make some because you are no writter. Everything written is stolen from the Bible in some way. BECAUSE IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD! So in the long run we are all stealing Gods words and calling them our own. All the things written in this thread were thought of long ago when we all knew the truth and did not have to guess what the truth might be. It has all been hidden from us through a thing know as the renaissance. By the catholic church that owned everything and people like MM Media, who said if it betters me do it, I don’t care who it hurts as long as it helps me. So stop being ANTICHRIST and wake up!

    There are 2 beast mentioned in rev.13 also ( the beast of the sea and the beast of the earth ) The catholic church is the beast of the sea and Amerika is the beast of the earth. All wars have been fought for reasons other than you know and planned why before they started. You leaders lie your teachers lie the media lies and even your parents lie. They all lie to you and don’t care that they did. Doubt that you parents lie to you, the 1st lie the told you was most likely Santa ( SATAN ) Claus who changed it to fear santa not God do good for santa not God.

    Then when you found out that santa was a lie it made you doubt / you parents God and everything / so your parents not only lied to you the gave you doubt and taught you how to lie. Everything you learned ( GOOD & BAD )as a child and many things learned as an adult came from your parents ( THE GREAT LIARS ). And they will say everybody else does it... so here we are, will we do what is right or will we do what everybody else is doing.

    And remember if you don’t do anything the choice has been made for you and it is not a good choice. Also if/when you pray to God do you really think that God will answer your prayers when you live neck deep in sin. God could not even look at Christ at the end when he carried all mans sins and also found joy in his death. So from that you would think that if you live a life of sin and will not truly repent for your sins and go and sin no more, then God will not answer your prayers. Only when you lose everything and t

    – EVERYTHING FREE, Friday, 11 January 2008, 10:05 AM PST

  25. turn back to God, then God will answer your prayers. And just because something happened that you ask for does not mean that God answered your prayers, because someone who was just with God may have asked for the same thing you did. Your examples are all through the Bible. Not to mention that we are in America= Amerika = Land of the Serpent now ruled by Washington DC = distric of columbia = Columbia is a pagan god you must research.







    The sun dies on the 22nd of December, remains dead the 23rd and 24th and is reborn on the 25th ( check the degree of movement of the sun and you will see that it moves 1 degree every other day but 22nd,23rd,24th and begins to move again 1 degree on the 25th )( SON OF GOD SON OF MAN )The sun is your salvation and if it does rise anymore you will die.

    So as you see I could go on and on and I don’t care who uses this info ( because it all belongs to God not me or you )

    I also could write a book, but the time for writting is done it is time the stand up for your freedoms given to you by God and being taken from you by man.

    So quit talking and writting and bitching and start doing what needs to be done. All it will take is one more terrorist act in the US to put us all under martial law and the Shadow Goverment is working on that right now. Everything is in place and ready to be put in action all you have to do is nothing and everybody is doing a great job at doing nothing.

    The stores only have a 2 week overstock of food, so if it hits the fan now you all will starve to death very fast. And if we lose power in america, it will take about 2 years before we are back in a time like the dark ages. And if they take your guns away before that happens then you can’t defend yourself and will beg the government to protect you even if they take all your freedoms that God gave you. Well gotta go now, if you want more info that I have contact me through this thread and tell me how to get intouch with you because I would love to share all info I have for free. I don’t want your money I want you to be free and remain free.


    Thanks, I love you all


    If you go to hell, remember it also belongs to God and the devil does not rule there/ the devil will just be another fool like you in a bad place that God made for you. The devil’s dominion is EARTH as it says so many times in the Bible. Read Job and you will see that the devil’s powers are limited by God. Earth is the devils kingdom and if you choose to do it the devils way and serve the devil then God has also prepared a place for you to spend an aeon with you master ( the devil )

    The devil defied God before you were ever made ( day 6 )

    So God set aside a dominion for satan and that dominion is earth. He is you GOD ( IN GOD WE TRUST ) and you serve him. ( to most people America is more important than God by far ) All you have to do is serve God and nothing else ( nothing else = nothing ) ( America, Britney, American idol, Bush, the flag, mel gibson ect...)


    – EVERYTHING FREE, Friday, 11 January 2008, 10:13 AM PST


    – everything free, Friday, 11 January 2008, 10:19 AM PST

  27. Sad to see y&#225;ll arguing about copyright.

    I found this in 2000 and it’s been filed (among way more interesting stuff) on my computer and at my groups in the section “cool cabala” ever since. The day I found it I googled FOX = 666 to see if anyone else had noticed and the google came up “no matches found”. I presented it at a couple of boards and was laughed off them now if I google same I get more than 4000 hits. Hey you don’t copyright something like this as it needs telling, especially now that people are becoming receptive to it.

    Anyway, that is only the tip of the iceberg, I would gladly demonstrate the little scroll with seven seals/bookroll of the lamb/rod of measure, staff of rule/ arc of the covenant/blueprint for New Jerusalem/ holy grail except the book of revelation is very clear about not publicizing it. “Do not write down what the seven thunders are saying” well at least we won’t be seeing any copyright arguments about that will we.

    Serious persons may however write me for a demonstration because as revelation also says (sweet as honey in the mouth and bitter in the Belly) well sweet as honey in the mouth because I may tell it on a one on one basis but bitter because the TRUTH is a bitter pill to swallow, so ONLY for proven 911 Truthers)will I demonstrate one on one “the scroll of the lamb/scroll with seven seals”.As simple, plain and exact (or even moreso) as the fox matrix. Just more telling.

    angela, Friday, 22 February 2008, 12:35 AM PST

  28. First of all I want to say good job to Doug.

    Second, I don’t know what MM Media’s problem is. I went to their site and did a search for FOX News, but got no results. So if there is no information available, how can they claim copyright infringement?

    I came up with this idea ON MY OWN a few years ago because I dabble in numerology and one of my totems is Fox. The word is very obvious when you first start doing numerology. At the time I didn’t take it very seriously, I just thought it was a funny coincidence; also I’m not a Christian and have never taken the 666 thing seriously.  But the more I’ve seen of FOX’s collusion with the Bush administration (it’s like a cult) the more my mind keeps coming back to it. Then of course there’s the whole “whore of Babylon” thing: Babylon being the ancient name of Baghdad. So the connections are pretty obvious to anyone who knows anything about the subjects involved: numerology, symbolism, the Book of Revelations, history, etc. So MM Media can go screw themselves for having the arrogance to think that they’re the only ones who can come up with these ideas.

    Finally, to Everything Free, I don’t know where you got your information, but Columbia [link] is not a Pagan Goddess--take it from a Pagan. Her name is derived from Christopher Columbus and her image is simply based on Pagan iconography.  She has been used as a symbol for the US since colonial times and the Statue of Liberty is one representation of her. Also, “columba” [link]

    is Latin for “dove”; there was no Roman dove Goddess, although the bird was sacred to Venus.

    Furthermore, the Hebrew name for Israel is Yisra’el, which means “contends with God”.

    The Egyptian name for Isis is Auset and she is the mother of the sun god Horus not a sun goddess herself.

    El or Il is the Semitic Father of the Gods, not the sun god; Elohim, a form used in the Torah, is interestingly both plural and dual gendered. El is also the antecedent for Allah, since Arabic is a Semitic language.

    Om is only a god in Terry Pratchett’ Discworld novels. In Hinduism, Om or Aum is the primal sound of creation, not a god: although, because “in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” I could see the confusion, since everything is God/Goddess.

    I could not find any reference to a god named On, neither on the web nor in my Encyclopedia of Gods nor in my Dictionary of Gods. However, there is a Polynesian god named Ono, or Lono, who is the god of thunder, rain, darkness, fertility, agriculture and singing; he is the brother of the god of light Atea.

    You did get two correct: Ra is an Egyption sun god and Sol is both Roman and Norse

    Your assertion that the sun only moves a degree every other day from Dec. 22nd-24th is false. It moves around 1 degree 1 minute every day of the year; I study astrology, but if you want proof here is a link to a 6000 year ephemeris. [link]

    Oh, also Bush Sr’s full name is George HERBERT Walker Bush and NBC stands for National Broadcasting Company. I don’t know how you came up with your numerological correspondences as I haven’t taken the time to do the math and there are several numerological systems: standard, Chaldean, Hebrew, Greek. However, I find it suspect in light of your numerous misconceptions.

    Once again, great thread Doug!

    – C. Bryan King, Saturday, 12 April 2008, 4:39 AM PDT

  29. Reynard says hello to my fans i’m coming soon

    – FOX666, Thursday, 8 May 2008, 9:43 AM PDT

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