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beautiful flowers, dirty hands ::

the dimensions in which i travel with ease are not the four of everyday life

Spring is finally here. We have crocuses. It was 70 yesterday and actually muggy. It rained a bit and was kind of gray for much of the day. But it was the first really warm day of the year and so we didn’t care. There was just the smell of wet mud and fecundity.

The mud reminded me of something Robby said once about how the thing he hates most about making music is that you deal with a lot of dirt—putting your equipment in cases and rolling it through the outdoors, into dirty cars and trucks, into dirty rehearsal rooms, dirty bars, etc. After moving gear one’s hands are inevitably covered with a layer of grime that isn’t necessarily visible but is tangible. I think that’s part of what art is, the dueling opposites of pure, beautiful, ideal concepts, and the dirty world in which we must try somehow to express them.

Sun, 21 Apr 1996, 12:00 PM EST
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